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Title ISSN/ISBN Format Publisher
Addictive behaviors 0306-4603 eJournal Clinical Key
Addictive behaviors reports 2352-8532 eJournal Clinical Key
Adultspan journal 2161-0029 eJournal Wiley
Advances in methods and practices in psychological science 2515-2467 eJournal Sage
Aggression and violent behavior 1359-1789 eJournal Clinical Key
Aggressive behavior 1098-2337 eJournal Wiley
Alcohol 0741-8329 eJournal Clinical Key
American journal of community psychology 1573-2770 eJournal Wiley
Applied psychology health and well-being 1758-0854 eJournal Wiley
Archives of women's mental health 1435-1102 eJournal SpringerNature
Asian journal of psychiatry 1876-2018 eJournal Clinical Key
Asian journal of social psychology 1467-839X eJournal Wiley
Australasian psychiatry 1440-1665 eJournal Sage
Australian and new zealand journal of psychiatry 1440-1614 eJournal Sage
Behavior therapy 0005-7894 eJournal Clinical Key
Behavioral sciences & the law 1099-0798 eJournal Wiley
Behavioral treatments for sleep disorders 9780123815224 eBook Clinical Key
Biological psychiatry 0006-3223 eJournal Clinical Key
Biological psychiatry cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging 2451-9022 eJournal Clinical Key
Brain behavior and immunity 0889-1591 eJournal Clinical Key
British journal of mathematical and statistical psychology 2044-8317 eJournal Wiley
Child abuse review 1099-0852 eJournal Wiley
Child and adolescent psychiatric clinics of north america 1056-4993 eJournal Clinical Key
Children & society 1099-0860 eJournal Wiley
Clinical psychologist 1742-9552 eJournal Wiley
Clinical psychology science and practice 1468-2850 eJournal Wiley
Cognitive science - a multidisciplinary journal 1551-6709 eJournal Wiley
Complex disorders in pediatric psychiatry a clinician's guide 9780323511476 eBook Clinical Key
Comprehensive psychiatry 0010-440x eJournal Clinical Key
Counseling and values 2161-007X eJournal Wiley
Counselling and psychotherapy research 1746-1405 eJournal Wiley
Counselor education and supervision 1556-6978 eJournal Wiley
Current pain and headache reports 1534-3081 eJournal SpringerNature
Current psychiatry reports 1535-1645 eJournal SpringerNature
Current treatment options in neurology 1534-3138 eJournal SpringerNature
Developmental psychobiology 1098-2302 eJournal Wiley
Drug and alcohol dependence 0376-8716 eJournal Clinical Key
European archives of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience 1433-8491 eJournal SpringerNature
European eating disorders review 1099-0968 eJournal Wiley
European journal of trauma & dissociation 2468-7499 eJournal Clinical Key
European neuropsychopharmacology 0924-977X eJournal Clinical Key
European psychiatry 0924-9338 eJournal Clinical Key
European review of applied psychology 1162-9088 eJournal Clinical Key
Evolution and human behavior 1090-5138 eJournal Clinical Key
Evolutionary psychology 1474-7049 eJournal Sage
General hospital psychiatry 0163-8343 eJournal Clinical Key
Human behavior and emerging technologies 2578-1863 eJournal Wiley
Infant mental health journal 1097-0355 eJournal Wiley
International journal of eating disorders 1098-108X eJournal Wiley
International journal of psychology 1464-066X eJournal Wiley

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