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Title ISSN/ISBN Format Publisher
Academic pediatrics 1876-2859 eJournal Clinical Key
Advances in pediatrics 0065-3101 eJournal Clinical Key
Behavioral disorders 2163-5307 eJournal Sage
Behavioral interventions 1099-078X eJournal Wiley
Breastfeeding a guide for the medical profession 9780323357760 eBook Clinical Key
Child abuse & neglect 0145-2134 eJournal Clinical Key
Child abuse and neglect diagnosis treatment and evidence 9781416063933 eBook Clinical Key
Child and adolescent mental health 1475-3588 eJournal Wiley
Child development 1467-8624 eJournal Wiley
Clinical medicine insights pediatrics 1179-5565 eJournal Sage
Clinics in perinatology 0095-5108 eJournal Clinical Key
Cummings pediatric otolaryngology 9780323356718 eBook Clinical Key
Current problems in pediatric and adolescent health care 1538-5442 eJournal Clinical Key
Developmental-behavioral pediatrics 9781416033707 eBook Clinical Key
Early human development 0378-3782 eJournal Clinical Key
Feigin and cherry's textbook of pediatric infectious diseases 9780323376921 eBook Clinical Key
Global pediatric health 2333-794X eJournal Sage
Harriet lane handbook of pediatric antimicrobial therapy the 9780323112475 eBook Clinical Key
Harriet lane handbook the 9780323399555 eBook Clinical Key
Illustrated textbook of paediatrics 9780723438717 eBook Clinical Key
Infancy 1532-7078 eJournal Wiley
Instant work-ups a clinical guide to pediatrics 9781416054627 eBook Clinical Key
International medical review on down syndrome 2171-9748 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal for specialists in pediatric nursing 1744-6155 eJournal Wiley
Journal of adolescence 0140-1971 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of adolescent health 1054-139X eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of paediatrics and child health 1440-1754 eJournal Wiley
Journal of pediatric health care 0891-5245 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of pediatrics the 0022-3476 eJournal Clinical Key
Kendig's disorders of the respiratory tract in children 9780323448871 eBook Clinical Key
Nelson essentials of pediatrics 9780323511452 eBook Clinical Key
Nelson pediatric symptom-based diagnosis 9780323399562 eBook Clinical Key
Nelson textbook of pediatrics 9781455775668 eBook Clinical Key
Netter's pediatrics 9781437711554 eBook Clinical Key
Paediatrics and child health 1751-7222 eJournal Clinical Key
Park's pediatric cardiology for practitioners 9780323169516 eBook Clinical Key
Park's the pediatric cardiology handbook 9780323262101 eBook Clinical Key
Pediatric allergy and immunology 1399-3038 eJournal Wiley
Pediatric and developmental pathology 1615-5742 eJournal Sage
Pediatric anesthesia 1460-9592 eJournal Wiley
Pediatric bone 9780123820402 eBook Clinical Key
Pediatric clinics of north america 0031-3955 eJournal Clinical Key
Pediatric diabetes 1399-5448 eJournal Wiley
Pediatric emergency medicine secrets 9780323262842 eBook Clinical Key
Pediatric endocrinology 9781455748587 eBook Clinical Key
Pediatric pulmonology 1099-0496 eJournal Wiley
Pediatric secrets 9780323310307 eBook Clinical Key
Pediatric transplantation 1399-3046 eJournal Wiley
Pediatrics & neonatology 1875-9572 eJournal Clinical Key
Pediatrics international 1442-200X eJournal Wiley

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