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Title ISSN/ISBN Format Publisher
Advances in cosmetic surgery 2542-4327 eJournal Clinical Key
Aesthetic plastic surgery 1432-5241 eJournal SpringerNature
American journal of cosmetic surgery 2374-7722 eJournal Sage
Annals of surgical oncology 1534-4681 eJournal SpringerNature
Anz journal of surgery 1445-2197 eJournal Wiley
Aorn journal (2018 - ) 1878-0369 eJournal Clinical Key
Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery 1434-3916 eJournal SpringerNature
Ashcraft's pediatric surgery 9781455743339 eBook Clinical Key
Atlas of cardiac surgical techniques 9780323462945 eBook Clinical Key
British journal of surgery 1365-2168 eJournal Wiley
Child's nervous system 1433-0350 eJournal SpringerNature
Cleft palate-craniofacial journal 1545-1569 eJournal Sage
Clinical transplantation 1399-0012 eJournal Wiley
Clinics in plastic surgery 0094-1298 eJournal Clinical Key
Endovascular surgery 9781416062080 eBook Clinical Key
Endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms 9780323511483 eBook Clinical Key
Essential surgery problems diagnosis and management 9780702046742 eBook Clinical Key
Essential surgical procedures 9780323375672 eBook Clinical Key
Essentials of breast surgery a volume in the surgical foundations series 9780323037587 eBook Clinical Key
European journal of orthopaedic surgery & traumatology 1432-1068 eJournal SpringerNature
European surgery 1682-4016 eJournal SpringerNature
Facial plastic surgery clinics of north america 1064-7406 eJournal Clinical Key
Flaps and reconstructive surgery 9780323243223 eBook Clinical Key
Foot & ankle international 1944-7876 eJournal Sage
General thoracic and cardiovascular surgery 1863-6713 eJournal SpringerNature
Global spine journal 2192-5690 eJournal Sage
Hand 1558-9455 eJournal Sage
Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery a companion to specialist surgical practice 9780702072505 eBook Clinical Key
Hernia 1248-9204 eJournal SpringerNature
Hughes mansel & webster's benign disorders and diseases of the breast 9780702027741 eBook Clinical Key
International journal of colorectal disease 1432-1262 eJournal SpringerNature
Journal of cardiac surgery 1540-8191 eJournal Wiley
Journal of endovascular therapy 1545-1550 eJournal Sage
Journal of feline medicine and surgery open reports 2055-1169 eJournal Sage
Journal of gastrointestinal surgery 1873-4626 eJournal SpringerNature
Journal of plastic reconstructive & aesthetic surgery 1748-6815 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of shoulder and elbow arthroplasty 2471-5492 eJournal Sage
Kidney transplantation principles and practice 9781455740963 eBook Clinical Key
Kirk's general surgical operations 9780702044816 eBook Clinical Key
Kirklinbarratt-boyes cardiac surgery 9781416063919 eBook Clinical Key
Knee surgery sports traumatology arthroscopy 1433-7347 eJournal SpringerNature
Langenbeck's archives of surgery 1435-2451 eJournal SpringerNature
Lasers in surgery and medicine 1096-9101 eJournal Wiley
Neurosurgical review 1437-2320 eJournal SpringerNature
Obesity surgery 1708-0428 eJournal SpringerNature
Oesophagogastric surgery a companion to specialist surgical practice 9780702072567 eBook Clinical Key
Oncoplastic surgery of the breast 9780702031816 eBook Clinical Key
Open journal of cardiovascular surgery 1179-0652 eJournal Sage
Oral and maxillofacial pathology 9781455770526 eBook Clinical Key
Pediatric surgery 9780323072557 eBook Clinical Key

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