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Title ISSN/ISBN Format Publisher
American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics 0889-5406 eJournal Clinical Key
Archives of oral biology 0003-9969 eJournal Clinical Key
Atlas of the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics of north america 1061-3315 eJournal Clinical Key
Australian dental journal 1834-7819 eJournal Wiley
Australian endodontic journal 1747-4477 eJournal Wiley
Clinical advances in periodontics 2163-0097 eJournal Wiley
Clinical implant dentistry and related research 1708-8208 eJournal Wiley
Clinical oral implants research 1600-0501 eJournal Wiley
Clinical oral investigations 1436-3771 eJournal SpringerNature
Clinical review of oral and maxillofacial surgery 9780323171267 eBook Clinical Key
Cohen's pathways of the pulp 9780323096355 eBook Clinical Key
Color atlas of dental implant surgery 9781455759682 eBook Clinical Key
Community dentistry and oral epidemiology 1600-0528 eJournal Wiley
Current therapy in orthodontics 9780323054607 eBook Clinical Key
Dental abstracts 0011-8486 eJournal Clinical Key
Dental clinics of north america 0011-8532 eJournal Clinical Key
Dental materials 0109-5641 eJournal Clinical Key
Dental traumatology 1600-9657 eJournal Wiley
Diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry 9780323287302 eBook Clinical Key
Endodontics principles and practice 9781455754106 eBook Clinical Key
Esthetic dentistry a clinical approach to techniques and materials 9780323091763 eBook Clinical Key
European journal of dental education 1600-0579 eJournal Wiley
European journal of oral sciences 1600-0722 eJournal Wiley
Gerodontology 1741-2358 eJournal Wiley
Health & social care in the community 1365-2524 eJournal Wiley
Implant dentistry a practical approach 9780323055666 eBook Clinical Key
International dental journal 1875-595X eJournal Wiley
International endodontic journal 1365-2591 eJournal Wiley
International journal of dental hygiene 1601-5037 eJournal Wiley
International journal of paediatric dentistry 1365-263X eJournal Wiley
Jdr clinical & translational research 2380-0852 eJournal Sage
Journal of clinical periodontology 1600-051X eJournal Wiley
Journal of dental sciences 1991-7902 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of dentistry 0300-5712 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of endodontics 0099-2399 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of esthetic and restorative dentistry 1708-8240 eJournal Wiley
Journal of evidence-based dental practice 1532-3382 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of investigative and clinical dentistry 2041-1626 eJournal Wiley
Journal of oral pathology & medicine 1600-0714 eJournal Wiley
Journal of periodontal research 1600-0765 eJournal Wiley
Journal of periodontology 1943-3670 eJournal Wiley
Journal of prosthetic dentistry 0022-3913 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of prosthodontics 1532-849X eJournal Wiley
Journal of public health dentistry 1752-7325 eJournal Wiley
Journal of the american dental association the (jada) 0002-8177 eJournal Clinical Key
Journal of the world federation of orthodontists 2212-4438 eJournal Clinical Key
Little and falace's dental management of the medically compromised patient 9780323443555 eBook Clinical Key
Mccracken's removable partial prosthodontics 9780323339902 eBook Clinical Key
Mcdonald and avery's dentistry for the child and adolescent 9780323287456 eBook Clinical Key
Mosby's dental drug reference 9780323481113 eBook Clinical Key

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