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Title ISSN/ISBN Format Publisher
Acute coronary syndromes a companion to braunwald's heart disease 9781416049272 eBook Clinical Key
Advanced approaches in echocardiography 9781437726978 eBook Clinical Key
American heart journal 0002-8703 eJournal Clinical Key
American journal of cardiology the 0002-9149 eJournal Clinical Key
Angiogenesis 1573-7209 eJournal SpringerNature
Annals of noninvasive electrocardiology 1542-474X eJournal Wiley
Annals of thoracic surgery 0003-4975 eJournal Clinical Key
Archives of cardiovascular diseases 1875-2136 eJournal Clinical Key
Arrhythmia essentials 9780323399685 eBook Clinical Key
Arrhythmias in adult congenital heart disease 9780323485685 eBook Clinical Key
Artery research 1872-9312 eJournal Clinical Key
Ase's comprehensive echocardiography 9780323260114 eBook Clinical Key
Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals 1816-5370 eJournal Sage
Atherosclerosis 0021-9150 eJournal Clinical Key
Atlas of 3d echocardiography 9781437726992 eBook Clinical Key
Atlas of cardiovascular computed tomography imaging companion to braunwald's heart disease 9781416061366 eBook Clinical Key
Atlas of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging 9781416061359 eBook Clinical Key
Atlas of nuclear cardiology imaging companion to braunwald's heart disease 9781416061342 eBook Clinical Key
Basic research in cardiology 1435-1803 eJournal SpringerNature
Braunwald's heart disease a textbook of cardiovascular medicine 9780323463423 eBook Clinical Key
Canadian journal of cardiology 0828-282X eJournal Clinical Key
Cardiac catheterization handbook the 9780323340397 eBook Clinical Key
Cardiac catheterization an atlas and dvd 9781416039990 eBook Clinical Key
Cardiac electrophysiology clinics 1877-9182 eJournal Clinical Key
Cardiac electrophysiology from cell to bedside 9780323447331 eBook Clinical Key
Cardiac intensive care 9780323529938 eBook Clinical Key
Cardiology 9780723434856 eBook Clinical Key
Cardiology clinics 0733-8651 eJournal Clinical Key
Cardiology secrets 9780323478700 eBook Clinical Key
Cardiovascular and interventional radiology 1432-086X eJournal SpringerNature
Cardiovascular and thoracic open 2055-5520 eJournal Sage
Cardiovascular drugs and therapy 1573-7241 eJournal SpringerNature
Cardiovascular intervention a companion to braunwalds heart disease 9780323262194 eBook Clinical Key
Cardiovascular revascularization medicine 1553-8389 eJournal Clinical Key
Cardiovascular therapeutics a companion to braunwald's heart disease 9781455701018 eBook Clinical Key
Cases in adult congenital heart disease 9780443067129 eBook Clinical Key
Cases in cardiac resynchronization therapy 9781455742370 eBook Clinical Key
Cases in interventional cardiology 9781437705836 eBook Clinical Key
Catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias 9780323529921 eBook Clinical Key
Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions 1522-726X eJournal Wiley
Chronic coronary artery disease a companion to braunwald's heart disease 9780323428804 eBook Clinical Key
Clinical arrhythmology and electrophysiology 9780323523561 eBook Clinical Key
Clinical cardiac pacing defibrillation and resynchronization therapy 9780323378048 eBook Clinical Key
Clinical lipidology a companion to braunwald's heart disease 9780323287869 eBook Clinical Key
Clinical medicine insights cardiology 1179-5468 eJournal Sage
Clinical medicine insights circulatory respiratory and pulmonary medicine 1179-5484 eJournal Sage
Clinical medicine insights endocrinology and diabetes 1179-5514 eJournal Sage
Clinical nuclear cardiology state of the art and future directions 9780323057967 eBook Clinical Key
Clinical recognition of congenital heart disease 9781437716184 eBook Clinical Key
Clinical research in cardiology 1861-0692 eJournal SpringerNature

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