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Title ISSN Publisher
Aaps pharmscitech 1530-9932 SpringerNature
Abdominal radiology 2366-0058 SpringerNature
Academic emergency medicine 1553-2712 Wiley
Academic pediatrics 1876-2859 Clinical Key
Academic psychiatry 1545-7230 SpringerNature
Academic radiology 1076-6332 Clinical Key
Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica 1399-6576 Wiley
Acta diabetologica 1432-5233 SpringerNature
Acta ethologica 1437-9546 SpringerNature
Acta neurochirurgica 0942-0940 SpringerNature
Acta neurologica belgica 2240-2993 SpringerNature
Acta neurologica scandinavica 1600-0404 Wiley
Acta neuropathologica 1432-0533 SpringerNature
Acta obstetricia et gynecologica scandinavica 1600-0412 Wiley
Acta ophthalmologica 1755-3768 Wiley
Acta paediatrica nurturing the child 1651-2227 Wiley
Acta parasitologica 1896-1851 SpringerNature
Acta physiologiae plantarum 1861-1664 SpringerNature
Acta physiologica 1748-1716 Wiley
Acta psychiatrica scandinavica 1600-0447 Wiley
Acta radiologica 1600-0455 Sage
Acta radiologica open 2058-4601 Sage
Acta zoologica 1463-6395 Wiley
Action research 1741-2617 Sage
Acupuncture in medicine 1759-9873 Sage
Adaptive behavior 1741-2633 Sage
Addiction biology 1369-1600 Wiley
Addictive behaviors 0306-4603 Clinical Key
Addictive behaviors reports 2352-8532 Clinical Key
Adhd attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders 1866-6647 SpringerNature
Administration and policy in mental health and mental health services research 1573-3289 SpringerNature
Adultspan journal 2161-0029 Wiley
Advanced biosystems 2366-7478 Wiley
Advanced therapeutics 2366-3987 Wiley
Advances in anesthesia 0737-6146 Clinical Key
Advances in cell and gene therapy 2573-8461 Wiley
Advances in chronic kidney disease 1548-5595 Clinical Key
Advances in cosmetic surgery 2542-4327 Clinical Key
Advances in dental research 1544-0737 Sage
Advances in gerontology 2079-0589 SpringerNature
Advances in integrative medicine 2212-9588 Clinical Key
Advances in methods and practices in psychological science 2515-2467 Sage
Advances in molecular pathology 2589-4080 Clinical Key
Advances in ophthalmology and optometry 2452-1760 Clinical Key
Advances in pediatrics 0065-3101 Clinical Key
Advances in radiation oncology 2452-1094 Clinical Key
Advances in surgery 0065-3411 Clinical Key
Aem education and training 2472-5390 Wiley
Aesthetic plastic surgery 1432-5241 SpringerNature
African journal of ecology 1365-2028 Wiley

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